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My Sprinkler System Won't Shut Off

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If you are having problems with your sprinkler system shutting off, first and foremost, make sure the clock of the irrigation system is operating correctly.

Begin by unplugging the system completely! Is the sprinkler system still running? If not, plug the clock back in and check the program carefully. If this is not the problem, continue to the next step.

If the clock seems to be functioning properly, there may be some debris in a control valve. Sometimes activating the affected zone on and off several times quickly will flush the debris away. Try this by turning the zone on for 3 seconds then off for three seconds several times in succession. Even if this works, you should still call for service. Our experts at Superior Sprinkler Service are available for same day appointments simply by calling 972-898-4073. The result may be temporary, and your sprinkler problem could occur again when you are not around. Continue if this doesn't solve your problem. If so, you can also have confidence that our experts at Superior Sprinkler Services are fast on their way and we will soon have a sprinkler repair solution to your sprinkler problem.

lawn sprinklers

Try turning the water supply off at the backflow device. Leave it off for 30 seconds, then back on. Try this a few times with the clock on, then with the clock off.

Make sure the clock is in the off position. If the system continues to run there is probably debris in one of the control valves. If this is the case, you should turn the water off at the "RP" or " PVB" (pictured at right; note- shown with valves in the "on" position) on the outside of the house, and call Superior Sprinkler Service for service.