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Trouble With Spray of Sprinkler System

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I think I am having trouble with the spray of my sprinkler system. "What can I do?"

Typically, sprays tend to be more trouble-free than rotors because they don't move when they operate; they just pop up and down.

That's not to say that they don't occasionally have problems. If the spray pattern looks irregular or plugged, there is probably debris in the nozzle opening. This is especially a problem if a filter hasn't been installed.

A faulty spray can be checked by running run your fingernail (or paperclip) along the opening of the nozzle with it running. This can be seen in figure (A). If something has become lodged from the outside, most times this will free it. However, if the object has come from inside the line, the nozzle will have to be removed and cleaned. This can be a tedious task. It is extremely important to keep all parts clean. Dirt in the line or in the nozzle threads can make the problem worse. If you are unsure about cleaning the nozzles please contact our experts at Superior Sprinkler Services and we will promptly be at your service.

Occasionally debris will interfere with the seal as seen in figure (B). This is rarely a problem with Rain Bird sprays because of their specially designed self-cleaning wiper seal. If you notice a large amount of water leaking/spraying from the seal, try stepping on the head quickly and squarely to flush out any obstructions.